MasterChef Moments

DisclaimerI am not responsible for any cravings or hunger pangs caused by this post. Lick the screen at your own risk. 🙂

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Thought it’s about time I dedicate a post to my cooking (mis)adventures. From Indian to Mexican to Thai, I’ve tried my hand (or pan) at various dishes. Some were a hit and others were…umm..let’s just say inedible.

I’ve always been fond of cooking; using simple ingredients to whip up the most sumptuous meal (and of course basking in the glory of endless praises). With the luxury of Mum and Tem at home, I never saw the need to do my own cooking. Move 10,000km across the globe and now it’s a whole different story, especially when you’re all alone. Trust me, when you see sandwiches costing 120 krones (~S$25) a plate, the sleeping chef in all of us suddenly awakens. Plus point of cooking: grocery shopping! Don’t judge me but grocery shopping might just be my new favourite hobby. Aisles of fresh and colourful produce are a feast for the eyes (and stomach!).

So what (debatably) delicious dishes have I conjured up so far? Stir-fried Noodles, Aloo Sabzi, Mexican Bean Soup, Penne Arrabbiata, Nachos (not really considered ‘cooking’ but hey I made the beans from scratch), Baked Potatoes, Tom Yam Soup Noodles, Quesadillas, and last but definitely not the least…Maggi! Overall all of these turned out decent and I realised I prefer cooking Western or Chinese dishes over Indian any day. The one major disaster I had was with khichdi, which turned out looking like yellow fried rice?! First and last time making that.

Cooking can actually be quite relaxing – imagine plucking fresh basil leaves and tossing it with spaghetti and olive oil with Bailando playing in the background (yeah the plant growing in my room is basil, not weed). Like the rest of the world I agree the cooking part can be fun but the washing up sucks and the prep work is tough – nothing is more horrible than tearing uncontrollably while cutting that damn onion. But c’mon it’s not as bad as the feeling of having a $60 dinner outside (without alcohol). #broke

The post title ‘MasterChef’ might be slightly misleading. My dishes neither taste nor look anywhere close to those on MasterChef (who am I kidding, even the kids can do better). With that said, I’m really hoping to use these few months to experiment with new dishes and brush up by cooking skills. By hook or by cook (ha), I will come home a better chef.

Sugar, spice and everything nice, now my onions need to be diced. Until next time!

Bon Appétit~



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