Visited the deer park last Sunday and it was a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city (although lets face it, Aarhus is not exactly a hustling bustling city). Picture green meadows, duck ponds, fallen trees (which make comfy seats) and of course plenty of deers – and you have the deerhaven.

Located an hour from central Aarhus, getting to the deer park was quite a hassle. Who knew Google Maps can give you 2 different location for one address. After an hour of following the little blue dot on Google Maps, we finally reached this woody wonderland. That feeling of being surrounded by lush nature and peaceful atmosphere is hard to describe but one word to summarise it: tranquil.

Armed with a bag of carrots, we went hunting (figuratively) for the deers. I’ve never been a fan of feeding wild animals (I mean c’mon, what if they pounce on you? or bite your finger off?), so initially I watched while others fed the deers. Curiosity got the better of me and I dangled a carrot in front of one of the deers.

*Hold your breath*

The deer ate my carrot! (And my finger made it out alive, unbitten) #accomplishmentunlocked. In my excitement, I decided to take a selfie with the deer and the next thing I knew, I felt a pair of antlers poking at me. Someone was being a spoil sport (or just wanted more carrots).

We continued walking around the park and came across a herd. The male deers (with their huge-ass antlers) looked so majestic (and scary), while the female ones were cutesy basically like Bambi. Hats off to that brave man who fed the deer an apple from his mouth!? (seriously though, who does that?) I had a couple of carrots left so with my new found confidence after feeding one deer, I approached another 2 deers. They gobbled the carrots away hungrily and in a couple of seconds another 3-4 deers started surrounding me. Their beady eyes were staring at me and they were slowly inching closer towards me. I got so freaked out, I dumped the carrots on the ground and ran away (well not run but walked very quickly in case they started chasing me).

With that, we concluded our deer park adventure. Looking forward to coming back in Spring (imagine even more green!) and possibly having a picnic there.

Thanks for being a dear (ha ha) and reading this. That’s all for now. Toodles!

Q: What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?

A: Bamboo.

(Okay now I’m done).


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