ARoS Musuem


“What does it feel like to walk within a rainbow?”

That was the concept the artist (Olafur Eliasson) had behind creating the rainbow panorama on the rooftop of ARoS museum. He wanted everyone to experience walking through a rainbow, and boy did he do a good job. Glass panels illustrating each colour of the rainbow are positioned to form a circular panorama. Walking around the rooftop was nothing short of spectacular, with each glass panel providing a glimpse of Aarhus city (I probably walked round and round 3 times). Whether you were seeing it from a rose-tinted glass or a lemon-tinted one, the view was fantastic.

There were several other exhibitions set-up at the art museum, including an ongoing one on China – A New Dynasty. After seeing the rainbow panorama, everything else felt kind of meh. Nonetheless some of the exhibits really made us stop and stare. Like the ‘Boy’. Towering at 4.5 metres, this not-so-little boy gave me the chills with his gaze staring deep into your soul.

Another exhibition (not pictured) featured life-size flowers. Imagine a garden filled with 2 metre tall flowers. Rose, daisies, lilies, you name, they had it. Very cool but very creepy at the same time. They could easily trample you if they fell! (Alas, all in the name of art).

Yup, so that rounds up our Saturday after a busy orientation week. Chill day being all artsy at the museum and getting a cuppa after with the girls . Très chic (I was with the Frenchies after all).

Au Revoir! (Okay, I’m overdoing it. Bye.)




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