Hello from Århus



So class starts at 4pm today, which means I finally have time to write a blog post (yay!). It’s been ~10 days since I arrived in Aarhus, and I can safely say I am in love with this quaint little town. From the colourful vintage buildings to the cobblestone streets, Aarhus your charm has stole my heart.

The first couple of days was settling down, exploring the city, buying groceries….i.e. getting used to my home away from home (And getting over jet lag!). It’s never easy to move half way across the globe, that too without family. But taking it with stride as it’s all part of the experience. On another note, I miss my bed!

Been cooking quite a lot at home and have found a new found love for 3Cs: cheese, ciabatta bread and cherry tomatoes. Before I get sick of these basics, I need to start experimenting with other dishes (yes mum, I’ll make daal and khichdi soon).

Past week has been mainly occupied with orientation. Kudos to the AU team for planning such a great orientation. Be it the informative (albeit boring) talks, the student parties or the CPR registration, everything was well organised and left me rather impressed. Special thanks to my mentors and mentor group for being a friendly bunch that made everyone feel right at home. 80 people dancing to saxofuckingfon (extremely unsynchronised) has to be my favourite memory from orientation! (Not forgetting the free beer of course #gujju)

I think I’ve lost count of the different nationalities I’ve met over the 10 days. American, Australian, Bulgarian, Belgium, Canadian, Dutch, Danish (duh), French, Korean…and the list goes on and on. It’s so incredible to meet people from such diverse cultures and you never stop learning something new everyday. As cliché as it sounds, I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Yup, that’s all at the moment. Keeping it short because the details can get boring. Ciao for now!

Oh and I shall end of with something funny that happened to me. So I went to the supermarket to buy toilet paper and I came home with kitchen towel instead. In my defence, the packaging was rather opaque so I couldn’t see through and it was written in Danish!! So yup, using kitchen paper to wipe my ass for the next few weeks (exciting!).


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